FALL 2018

Oct. 19
— Anton Shirikov, “Perceptions of Media Credibility in Non-Democracies: Evidence from Russia
— Jonathan Renshon, “Abstract and Concrete Experimental Designs

Dec. 6
— Jennifer Larson, “From Chatter to Action: How Social Networks Inform and Motivate in Rural Uganda

Dec. 7
— Jennifer Larson, an experiment on reduction of prejudice toward refugees in Uganda
— Rochelle Snyder, an experiment on constituent services in the U.S.


Feb. 2
— Chagai Weiss, “Prejudice, Animosity, and Intergroup Contact: A Natural Experiment in Jerusalem Hospitals”
— Devin Judge-Lord: “Do Public Comments Matter?”

April 24
— Thomas Zeitzoff, “Differential Exposure: How Varied Legacies of Violence Shape Attitudes Toward the State”

May 4
— Jessica Weeks and Mike Tomz, “Public Opinion and Foreign Electoral Intervention”
— Rikhil Bhavnani and Gareth Nellis, “The Effects of a Large-Scale Elite Messaging Campaign to Promote Women’s Empowerment”

FALL 2017

Sept. 29
— Dillon Laaker, “The Consumer Demand for ‘Made in America’” 
— Evan Morier, Nicole Bonoff, and Emilia Tjernström, “Incentives, Information, and the Fiscal Contract” 

Oct. 27
— Jonathan Renshon and Thomas Zeitzoff, “Sleaze, Slime, and Strategy: How Leaders Use ‘Dirty Tricks’ to Stoke Moral Outrage for Political Gain” 
— Michael Masterson, “National Humiliation and Foreign Policy” 

FALL 2016

Oct. 14
— Nicole Bonoff and Neil Stenhouse, “Shame by Association: Priming Polarized Views on Scientific Consensus” 
— Hannah Chapman, “Shoring Up Autocracy: Participatory Technologies and Regime Support in Putin’s Russia” 

Dec. 8
— Dustin Tingley and Matto Mildenberger, “Beliefs about Climate Beliefs: The Problem of Second-Order Climate Opinions in Climate Policymaking”  (Co-sponsored by CPW)


Feb. 4
— Rick Wilson, “Evidence for Out-Group Altruism in the Aftermath of Violence” (Co-sponsored by APW and CPC)

Feb. 29
— Jamie Druckman, “The Political Relevance of Irrelevant Events” (Co-sponsored by APW)

Apr. 1
— Micah Dillard and Mike DeCrescenzo, One of the Good Ones: Racial Stereotypes and Candidate Biographies
— Jack Edelson, 
Experiments in Ticket Splitting

Apr. 28
— Macartan Humphreys, “Information Technology and Political Engagement: Mixed Evidence from Uganda” (Co-sponsored by CPC)

May 6
— Rikhil Bhavnani and Gareth Nellis (Yale), Can Elite-Endorsed Messages Help Empower Women? Evidence from an Adaptive Field Experiment in India
— Ryan Powers , 
Economic Anxiety and Trade Policy Preferences: Evidence from Experiments

FALL 2015

Sept. 29
— Mike Tomz, “Military Alliances and Public Support for War” (Co-sponsored with IRC)

Oct. 9
— Benjamin Toff, Who Matters and When? Evaluating Journalists’ News Judgments About Public Opinion Data
— Noam Lupu, 
Inequality and Preferences for Redistribution

Dec. 2
— Roundtable on Data Access and Research Transparency (DA-RT) 

— Panelists: Kathy Cramer, Jon Pevehouse, Scott Straus

Dec. 4
— Jessica Weeks, “Hawks, Doves, and Peace: An Experimental Approach



Jan 30
— Scott Gehlbach, “Social Desirability Bias in Authoritarian States

Feb 27
— Alex Tahk and Susannah Tahk, “Tax-Embedded Programs and the Politics of Public Policy

Mar 13
— Hannah Chapman, “Technologies of Participatory Governance in Putin’s Russia
— Jessica Weeks, “Do Foreign Policy Elites Care about Public Opinion?

May 8
— Benjamin Toff, “Bandwagon Effects of Polls on Partisans (and Other Social Identity Groups)


FALL 2014

Sep 12
— Nicholas Barnes, “Monopolies of Violence: Gang Governance in Rio de Janeiro
— Samantha Vortherms, “The Price of Access: Willingness to Pay for Local Urban Registration in China

Oct 17
— David Lassen, “Laughing All the Way to the News: Elite Political Humor and Individual Patterns of Attention
— Ryan Powers, “A Dynamic Theory of Mass Trade Preferences

Nov 14
— Roundtable on Ethics in Experiments — with John Ahlquist, Yoi Herrera, Ken Mayer, and Jon Pevehouse

Dec 11
— Jack Edelson, “I’m (Not) with Stupid: Testing the ‘Party Reputation’ versus ‘Ideological Contrast’ Hypotheses” (with Frank J. Gonzalez)
— Ray Duch (University of Oxford), “Getting Away with Murder



Jan 31
— Michelle Schwarze, “Solving Hume’s Cooperative Dilemma: The Effect of Solidarity Frames and Threat on Trust and Cooperation” (with Amber E. Boydstun)
— Ben Toff, “The Effects of Exposure to Polling Results on Political Attitudes

Feb 21
— Sarah Bouchat, “Banking on Transition: Trust in Formal Autocratic Institutions
— Jessica Weeks, “External Threats and Domestic Political Preferences

Apr 11
— Anna Oltman, “National Security Threat and the Right to Asylum: Explaining Bias in Immigration Decisions
— Rikhil Bhavnani, “Electoral Support for Corruption in Afghanistan: Experimental Evidence on Extent, Causes, and Remedies

May 2
— Jess Clayton, “Citizens’ Perceptions of NGOs in International Decision-Making
— John Ahlquist, “Unemployment Insurance and Worker Acquisition of Specific Skills